Mortgage Solutions

Main Street Mortgage makes it simple to access a mortgage, regardless of your situation. Learn more about our mortgage solutions below.

Mortgages Post-Bankruptcy

Many Canadians struggle to get approved for a mortgage after bankruptcy, due to bruised credit ratings. Find out about the competitive and flexible mortgage alternatives that exist through Alt-A or B lenders.

Mortgages After Divorce or Separation

Many individuals are faced with poor credit ratings following a divorce or separation. While it can be frustrating to experience this situation, a variety of mortgage options exist to support you.

New to Canada Mortgages

Most new immigrants in Canada will not have a proper credit history when they apply for their first mortgage. Learn more about the programs and mortgage alternatives that exist to support newcomers in Canada.

Self-Employed Mortgages

Many self-employed Canadians struggle to get approved for a mortgage, due to challenges verifying their income. Learn about the programs for self-employed individuals that exist in Canada.

Mortgage Plans for Home Buyers

It can be challenging to find a mortgage plan that fits your needs. Our full-service team of mortgage experts will help you create a custom plan that will fit your specific situation.

Find the perfect mortgage solution for you.