I wanted to take the opportunity to Highlight this amazing ‘Equity Program’ available with Main Street Mortgages.  I have been in the mortgage business for 20 plus years and can say we finally have a true equity product.

Specifically, I had a young client who lost his wife to cancer.  He has been with his wife through the illness and had to leave his job.  Since her passing he has struggled and has been looking for some additional funds to pay out his debts.  I called many lenders looking for options and could not locate anything other than the standard 12% plus fees with a term and verification of servicability. The Main Street Equity program offered my client a rate of 6.49% with a .50% fee and an open contract.  This is unheard of in today’s Mortgage Lending world.  I appreciate your innovation and most of all clients in need of True Equity Lending can now rest assure Main Street Mortgage can help.

Naveed Malik, DLC Forest City Funding Mortgage Agent

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